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"I’m continually experimenting with new techniques and materials, trying to bridge the gap between painting and sculpture"

Paul Oz Formula 1 Painting Collection

© Paul Oz

"The crazy thing about life is

how it can lead you down

an inescapable path"


“Just like when painting a portrait, it’s all about the eyes…”


I just create artwork around everything I’m a fan of in the world.


The fact that this approach has led to working with Olympic Champions, a decade live painting around the world with F1, and running around Star Wars movie sets, is just ridiculous.

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JPS Senna

A concept that I envisaged whilst still working on 'Eau Rouge', and using the combination of my favoured bare bronze 'gold' finish, and black paint. And based on a famous photo that I had always intended to commit to oil paint; Ayrton sitting on the tarmac behind his broken car during Friday practice at Estoril 1985

Limited editions are available in life-size (on approval)

60% scale (35kg) Bronze

20% scale (7kg) Bronze

Thinking in 3D

With an engineering mindset traceable as far back as pre-school endeavours with lego, to an Aerospace Engineering degree at 18 – I’ve always thought in 3D.

This next phase of my career focus is to immortalise the heroes of the sport that I grew up with, in the most permanent of mediums, bronze. Life-sized statues with accompanying limited editions, some a more manageable size too. All cast by world-leading Pangolin Editions.

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