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“Is there a reason why these things are usually written in 3rd person?”

My painting style is impressionist perhaps even aggressive, exclusively really thick oil paint applied with a pallet knife... I paint wrinkly old men far better than I paint beauty. Which, incidentally, is the official reason I have never painted my wife... maybe one day. Conversely, Lego mini-figs have been regular muses, and are one of the trickiest things I ever paint – you all know their proportions inherently! My focus is on energy, movement and maximum 3D effect, several techniques from decades of trial and error combining for the overall effect. I'm pretty much self-taught – my grades weren't quite good enough to go to art college at 16, I was nudged down a more academic path into aerospace engineering instead... perhaps evidence there of a three-dimensional sculptural mindset. Whatever the reason, we are all manifestations of our journey through life, and sculpture is where my mind now stretches to most - celebrating F1's history in hyper-realistic bronze.


Limited editions are created of most artworks, be it in bronze or paint. There are rarely original paintings available, but can be commissioned, no problem, given time.


Hand-embellished canvases are available of most previous pieces, with so much paint on top that they're almost back to an original painting again.


Don't be shy – please email in with any questions, I respond personally for anything that I should do.

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F1's portrait artist and sculptor, is my short and sweet elevator pitch, and self-styled reason for being. But simpler than that, I just create artwork around everything that I love in the world, celebrating passions from my childhood onwards, toys, movies, animals, sports... and it's truly ridiculous where my career has taken me just because of this. But it's the F1 side of things which has gained the most momentum, and in recent years I've been progressively immersed in the high-speed circus to the point of which it's reached now of dominating my studio, event and travel time, working with most teams on the grid (sponsor activation, for its official terminology) and showing at every circuit on the calendar. Creating bronze monuments of the sports' icons which will be around for far longer than I will be.

Sure, it helps if art 'looks nice', but eliciting human emotion is the dominant reason for it... that's not the arty pretentiousness it may initially appear – indeed it's the only reason you might ever feel a connection and would ever buy anything, and I make sure that it's the only reason I create anything too. To tell my own story, celebrate my own heroes, even recreate history. It's been an absolute honour in this regard to partner with the likes of the Senna, Hunt and McLaren families to celebrate their inspirational relatives for McLaren themselves, with F1 to mark their major milestones, with Lamborghini for 60 years, and with race circuits, British embassies around the world... everything that I am about as a person condensed into artwork.

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