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“Darling, you might need to rein in the Union Flag thing a bit…”

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I make no bones about being a British patriot and royalist, despite obvious irritations I bloody love our country, and all that we're about. My fleet of union flag jackets is testament to this. They are trotted out regularly at gallery events, and especially when working at British embassies around the world during F1 weeks, which I have done regularly, and which is never any less than an honour, to represent Great Britain abroad. Housing of the WWII 9-yard jack flag has been slightly more contentious, at home. I'm a life-long sportsman and sports fan, unfortunately I wasn't quite good enough on a bike to be able to compete for my country, but aside from a few notable exceptions, it will always be British teams and competitors that automatically have my support... until proven misplaced. From this perspective it's been truly ridiculous to have worked with the greatest icons of British sport for the likes of McLaren, The British Racing Drivers Club, Team Sky, England Rugby, Bradley Wiggins and Jonny Wilkinson. I have created many stamp-like effigies of Queen Elizabeth over the last decade, developing into my now ubiquitous union flag concept of which there are also many versions of. And then to the long-awaited portrait of her Majesty that I created in 2021. The Queen Elizabeth limited editions have always been the fastest selling of anything I have created; if you've come across my work at a charity event it's probably that which you saw first. Closely followed by Sir Winston Churchill portraits as it happens! His 'accidental' reverse V for victory perhaps helping that popularity.

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