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The majority of my work these days is commissioned... it’s been a gradual drift away from creating big gallery shows that take many months to create. With my work diary now including so much travel and events booked many months in advance, it’s just not possible right now to get that much clear time in the studio.


The plus side to this is that I can create individual paintings more often and what I paint is much more in the moment, even starting work on the day that whatever it was actually happened, or as soon as I land back from an F1 weekend. And I have more scope for commissioned work too... so let me know what ideas you have!

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Welcome to the inner sanctum... well, that might be kinda overdoing it, but please feel free to bookmark this page – you can’t find this undercover webshop accidentally by browsing, it’s not linked anywhere. Necessitated by a combination of artworld politics and quite simply having too much work overall to show on the public website, without the wood being lost in the trees. Original oil paintings tend to sell straight away but commissions can be scheduled in, please email. Listed here are limited edition canvases and higher resolution augmented reality statue files than on the public pages, all of which have editions available to order. All paintings listed are available as a hand embellished boxed canvas with loads of paint added on top, so it’s kind of an original painting in its own right; I create each one to order using the same techniques as the original painting. Signed in paint, certificated, framing and worldwide shipping included. Delivery time depends a little on current workload in the studio and if I’m working away with F1, but usually 2-3 weeks. Please email if you have any questions or specific requirements! It will be either my good lady wife Ashley answering emails, or myself if I can jump in front of a laptop before she gets there. And many thanks! Paul and Ashley.

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