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Kinda blown away by that response!

‘Well that worked then’ my direct message from McLaren F1 last weekend that just kinda summed it up perfectly. Thanks so much for all the positivity everyone! I’m kinda speechless at the impact my Ayrton Senna bronze made.

I mean, I’d been working on it for so long, it becomes difficult to see it subjectively any longer, from the outside. Incredible that everyone seems to have just ‘got it’ especially regarding the dynamic I was trying to portray, I could tell with so many ‘oversteer dances’ I saw over the weekend at Autosport International!

Trending on Twitter, featured by Top Gear, Sunday Times, Best in Show in Autosport Magazine easily the ultimate though; with it’s own page on

Massive thanks to McLaren F1 and F1 themselves for getting involved and sending the hype next level.


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