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Official F1 Magazine Magnificent 7

Over the last month I’ve been working with the Official F1 Magazine, to celebrate 70 years of F1, and to try to bring a smile in these testing times. I’ve painted 7 icons of F1, one from each decade – four separate 3x4ft oil paintings which combine to make the ‘Magnificent 7’ composition.

The next/current issue which is out on 1st of May will include a free A2 poster of this! In addition, if you use code OZ4 you will get this edition for £3.99. Or code OZ40 for an annual subscription. Link here!

And if you’d love something more than A2, my business partners F1 Authentics are listing the 7 driver composition as a 120cm wide signed paper print. Or if you’d like any of the four individual artworks in either a print or a hand embellished boxed canvas, we can do that. The full composition is too finely detailed for hand embellished before you ask.

This was a great challenge for me, I usually paint much larger scale. Accurate yet impressionist faces half life size painted solely with a pallet knife is tricky, where a 1mm slip changes the face completely. It ends up more a case of dragging and nudging paint around on the board rather than applying it in the right place, and doing so in between breaths for a steadier hand. Clark and Fangio too, converting in my head from a black and white image, I really enjoyed that battle.


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