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80’s Kid II Collection

My new collection celebrating the awesome 80’s. 10 new oil paintings launched with Wishbone Publishing at Eaton Fine Art in June ’19, and touring UK galleries through the rest of the year.

For gallery tour listings please see Events Calendar page from the top. Originals for sale from whichever gallery hosted the tour last. Framed prints and hand embellished canvas editions available too – limited to a total of 80 for each artwork worldwide.

Please email for any further information.

C3PO – the first piece I created for this collection – a return to this subject after a successful portrait for an official Star Wars show in 2012.

The first of what was going to be a series of 80 TV vehicles before I ran out of time with F1 commitments. The rest will follow one day….

My Little Pony – Peaches. My sister had this one, so it had to be it! Trying to not sound weird, 35 years on I can still remember what it smelt like.

Coke or Pepsi – it was one camp or the other!

Princess Diana. My 1 year old sister met Lady Di with a bunch of flowers on the day that this reference photo was taken, in 1986.

Freddie Mercury- it was awesome to paint this legend again. And you don’t get any more 80’s than this; a Flash Gordon t-shirt, and in this whole reference image he’s actually astride Darth Vader’s shoulders!

Sooty and Sweep – absolutely LOVED painting this one!

John Rambo! I was borderline Rambo or Rocky… Rocky will have to wait for the next one.

Optimus Prime – ROLL OUT! Reference image taken from an 80’s toy, not the modern movie interpretation. I was all about Transformers, Star Wars, He-Man and Lego as a kid.

Sandtrooper – not a Stormtrooper, eyes are a different colour, different ab and knee plate, slightly different helmet decals. Not that I’m a fanatic or anything but this painting is of my own suit that stands in my TV room. My favourite character ever!


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