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80’s Kid with Imitate Modern 4th-24th June 2015

Next up, the project I’ve been working on all year to date – 80’s Kid!

20 pieces celebrating the decade that means most to me growing up. And what an incredible decade it was. The ‘short list’ for this show was over 100 icons and still so many that I absolutely HAVE to paint at some point.

I have the whole gallery all to myself for 3 weeks in June and its not just the artwork that will make you reminisce!

Join us for the opening party on 4th June – be sure to RSVP, its going to be a tad busy. You won’t get past the Stormtroopers on the door without being on the list (YES!!).

I’ll be there for sure over the first and last show weekends – likely other times too. Follow on Facebook for most up to date info perhaps.

See you there!


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