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James Hunt, McLaren at Goodwood, ITV4 and Rush

Presenting the portrait commissioned by the James Hunt family to mark 20 years since ‘Dads’ passing and available imminently in a very limited print edition from All signed by Tom Hunt, James’ son, as well as myself of course.

Please email from the contact page for info. The portrait was unveiled on McLarens stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed and also featured heavily on ITV4’s highlight show, with David and Tom Hunt being interviewed about it.

Many thanks to BTCC’s Rob Austin and family too for inviting me to be part of their charity screening of Rush, great to see it again, 6 months after the humbling first ever full screening with the Hunt family that I couldn’t really concentrate on!

My artist proof of this piece went for a great £650 in the auction. I also got to meet Brett Lunger there, the driver with the notable part in the ’76 F1 season unfortunately hitting Lauda’s fireball of a car. Rob Austin actually drove the real car in the film (and had one line during the drivers briefing) which they happen to own.

Bretts with my Hesketh mascot piece.


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