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James Hunt – Rush


120cm Oil on board.

Ltd edition prints to be launched shortly and more projects coming up in the build up to ‘Rush’ release September 2013!

Honoured to have seen the Ron Howard directed interpretation of the ’76 F1 season already. Humbled that it was the first ever screening of the final version 6 months before cinema release, and with the whole of James Hunt’s family. And more than a little bit inspired to create more related pieces this summer!

I won’t give much away about the film itself but it really is impressive. Kinda 50/50 on Hunt and Lauda and their career histories building to ’76 and their polar opposite ways of life and racing. Some fairly hard hitting coverage of Lauda’s big accident and subsequent hospital treatment, and some incredible slo-mo footage in Japan in the rain. Hemsworth does pretty well as Hunt but Brühl as Lauda, blimey. You can tell he spent a lot of time with Niki himself to learn his mannerisms. Movies out in September.


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