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Monaco GP 2013

Another crazy Monaco GP week! 6 days of parties, ear splitting V8’s, incredible views, bumping into celebs at every turn, then trying to focus on actually painting. Massive thanks to Marussia and to Pirelli for their hospitality. And to the Halcyon Events and Force India guys for entertaining evenings. Not much in Monaco is ‘easy', I guess unless you’re A-List, but even then. Its so difficult to get around as its so busy, everyones trying to get into the same parties/paddock etc so even calling on a proper favour gets nowhere as everyone wants ‘in’. You never know which roads are open and which times, and the police jobsworth are something special. I spent an hour in a taxi to do half a mile with a painting in the boot because the police wouldnt open the tunnel for over an hour later than every other day. 100 euro later…

Even on a yacht if you’re in the upper echelons that can afford it – with the track shut and the boats having to move away from the edge all day, the only way on is a tender from the Fonteville port over the other side of the rock. And if you’re sleeping on board be prepared to be woken first thing every morning when track action starts!

But, of course it's incredible. Stressful but incredible. And oh so over the top. But if you know that, I think you’re maybe the right side of the coin. Or not enough coin haha. Having friends and clients dotted around the harbour on various yachts was perfect given a few hours free time between scheduled events, bouncing around between them making new and exciting contacts for the future – networking with a rocket up the arse and a Corona to cool your down again. Thanks guys, you know who you are – same place next year!?

Predominantly I was in Monaco with Marussia, live painting at their Thursday night party on board Mac Brew – their logo on a rear wing end plate, which was then presented to the car companies owner.

Then in their 6th Floor Ste Devote suite for the race. Slightly blown away by the view, circa 70% of the track in one panorama! Right above where Massa crashed, and in front of Maldonado’s big one that stopped the race.

The view for Quali couldnt be much closer! For the race itself though, I’d choose the suite every time. I never imagined you could actually see so much of an F1 race developing in front of your eyes, at track level you see nothing in comparison.

Bringing Bananaman to the Monaco pit lane, I ‘might’ have wandered out for an attempted head clearing espresso in the morning, then ‘got the call’ and not had time to get back to change ha.

… and honoured to join Team JB for dinner one evening. Button senior doesnt half have some stories! With Pirelli’s Paul Hembery too.

Watching FP3 with Pirelli in their motorhome…. ok… we may have been too slack to note when the grandstand access closed and get to somewhere to see it live. Great insight though from another angle.


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