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Project; Dancing Horse

9 months since the highly trained stunt horse Lumi was rearing in the studio – and the first 3ft bronze is complete. Now christened Alberto, after after the legendary Ascari. Turning the art world’s modus operandi on its head, I’ve been showing progress images as I’ve been working with the most prestigious bronze foundry in the world, Pangolin Editions.

Well, here is the first finished result, in a 3ft bronze. To me it was all about balance and dynamic, to get as much movement as possible in a stationary object, 30kg standing on one narrow ankle. You all know the pose – but firstly it needed to be a real horse, more than a heavily stylised impression.

For at least 7 months of the project, I wasn’t totally sure he would balance. Theoretically he should after all Lumi could strike this pose in real life, however briefly. But assuming that balance would translate into bronze couldn’t be taken for granted. Of course he’s bolted to the plinth, and with an internally reinforced standing leg – but it does actually balance without standing on one hoof!

At 3ft he will be an edition of 16 which in reality will take us over a year to cast, taking about 12 weeks each. At 6ft/300kg it will be an edition of 3.

All enquiries, please email

The three sizes, 6ft, 45cm, 3ft. Quoted heights excluding plinth.


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