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Rugby World Cup Build Up

It’s been a different September for me after the last few years with gallery shows in Singapore F1 week. No getting away from the fact that it was tough seeing everyone’s images from this years race week, didn’t realise how much I enjoyed it! Highly recommended if you get chance.

Instead, I’ve been immersed in the world of Rugby with the World Cup launch events! After a couple of years working with the Rugby Players Association almost accidentally after being introduced by an F1 PR friend (Many thanks Elissa!) I’ve certainly come a long way from asking Chris Robshaw ‘Do you play rugby…ah ok, what level?’ at an F1 ball a few years ago. He was already England captain by then but, to his credit, he didn’t mention that! I’d usually watch the big matches for the National team as I do for most sports but there’s only so many thats its possible to truly focus on. But now there are three clear sports that I’m honoured to say take up 2/3rds of my creative time, with F1 and cycling too. And getting to work with the leading organisations – actually getting to know the biggest sports icons in the country through painting pictures. Bonkers really. I’ve been trying to think how it happened and maybe I’ll collate my thoughts for a book one day, but I think fundamentally people just gravitate towards others like them. And I tend to paint my own interests and passions.. it all falls in place.

I mean I met Lawrence Dallaglio this week. 7 years after, in my previous life, I actually presented his autobiography to my sales team colleagues, translating the differences in approach he described between the 2003 and 2007 World Cup campaigns into sales strategy. Shortly before being made redundant and forced to focus on this art shiz full time now there’s a thing! It all comes around….Most awesome was being part of the event last week at the London Stock Exchange where Lawrence opened trading for the day. Massive thanks for making me feel so welcome Neil and co! Even the security team there are cool! Although as uncompromising as they should be.

Then the most bizarre experience that same evening at the RPA’s Captain’s Ball, meeting 6 out of the 7 World Cup winning trophy hoisting captains in a tiny back room during a signing session. Including Francois Pienaar most famous to us

neutrals for that trophy lift with Mandela in 1995. I actually noticed too, even just how they handed a ball between each other to sign yup, you’ve done that before! Laura Wright in rehearsals that afternoon singing the RWC anthem ‘World in union’. Wow. Spine tingling. Felt proper privileged to witness that. One of the security bods actually had tears in his eyes.


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