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Some pics from the Icon Gallery Singapore show and some from the track too

Massive thanks for all the support for everyone who came in Singapore. The 10 piece show went together perfectly with a few days to spare, despite HMRC’s best efforts to scupper the shipment. Early week press interviews mid time zone acclimatisation were ‘interesting', alternating caffeine/alcohol to try and get some life out of myself maybe not the best method but fun none the less. Huge huge thanks to everyone involved for the show launch on the Wednesday night, including so many of you who came, and new friends made from social networks, and an unbelievable start selling 5 of the 10 pieces on the opening night. Bowled over.

Then an equally incredible if not stiflingly hot time at the track bouncing around meeting some great people – insight and inspiration that you simply couldn’t pay for from friends in the paddock. Much appreciated guys, especially Blake from Force India, Kenny from RBR, Riad from Caterham and Mike from Marussia… diamonds!

10 original paintings and a few limited edition prints – 50/50 F1 and British Iconography. Kinda sums me up to be honest! Several of the paintings were hardly dry, Lewis’ bull dog Roscoe was finished literally a couple of hours before framing, packing and shipping. All fitted together seamlessly in the end! Due in no small part to the guys at Regent framing and at Icon Gallery and Mango PR pulling things together – sitting me in front of important people when I didnt really know what day it was to be even half capable of doing it myself. And being featured in the likes of Elle Singapore, Lifestyle Asia, in flight magazines and the first F1 covered mag I picked up in arrivals… then found myself on page 13. Bonkers.

Awesome to have representation from F1 teams, press and industry friends at the show launch, especially with transport around town tricky with Caterham CEO Riad (who I need to apologise to again for not being organised enough to make it to their AeroSeven launch) and the British High Commissioner – who showed the image of Roscoe to Lewis the following day on his phone. Bizarrely brilliant! Thank you all.

Unfortunately devoid of sensitive in garage shots as the cars were being stripped and rebuilt with race engines and boxes after FP2. But oooh baby, incredible to see underneath that RB9 is beautiful without bodywork on. Sooo humid out there. We had sweat running down our back instantly upon going outside, let alone working in an oven of a garage. 20 minutes of FP1 was enough, you can just about spot us at the back of the Marussia garage below. Rag-bandannas were the order of the day as soon as the TV cameras attention was elsewhere. The view with Mercedes above their pit was kinda special! Check my Instagram feed if you like too, some more images and a video of a Lewis tyre change from there.

A bit shocked to find myself in the in flight magazine on route to Singapore too!


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